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June 30 - August 31 We offer weekly theme-based entertainment programs, games, sporting activities, excursions and trips: such…
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Arts and crafts We draw, we paint and color, we cut and we sculpt. Learning to use different art and craft techniques and…
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About us

Our playschool is located in the Vysočany district (read Visochanie) right opposite Vysočanská metro station on the ground floor of a residential building. Just a short walk away is a beautiful park Podvinní with several playgrounds, where children run about and play almost every day. Our playschool is small, very family like, with cozy, homely and friendly atmosphere.

We have three separate rooms. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a small hallway, where every child has a drawer for extra clothes and things. Turning left from there we get to the study and craft room with a comfortable dining area. On the right is a playroom with lots of toys and cosy cushion-sofa, where it is pleasant to lie down and relax or look through books either alone or accompanied by the teacher. There also is a separate bedroom for those, who are used to get some sleep in the afternoon.


We prefer an individual approach to each child. That way it is easier for them to get used to the teacher and the kids and feel comfortable in a new environment. This mode is also effective for learning, developing of child’s skills, knowledge and creativity, opening up new perspectives.

We build upon an environment and atmosphere which encourage a child to discover and explore the world through diverse range of games, activities and crafts.
At about three years of age and older, children are usually ready and, in fact, willing to join the team of peers: to communicate and make friends, to learn different forms of communication, to argue and make up, to defend their position and learn to compromise.

We work closely with parents, taking notice of and discussing charecter features, behavior changes, advance and the abilities of each child.

Babyboom školka

Krátkého 250/4
Praha 9 – Vysočany
190 00
+420 775 613 858

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