Just great kindergarten



Daily attendance, per month

5 times per week (monthly fee)
14 500 CZK / 13 500 CZK (8–13)
4 times per week
13 500 CZK / 14 500 CZK (8–13)
3 times per week
12 500 CZK / 11 500 CZK (8–13)

Additional services

Full day
1.250 CZK
Half day (8–13)
1.050 CZK
Klubík (hourly playgroup)
300 CZK / h
Child care after hours
300 CZK / h

Premises of our playschool are available for rent to celebrate your kid‘s birthday (room will be decorated and prepared, by agreement we can provide a cake and performance of a magician)

Reservation and fees

Reservation is complete after signing the binding application and placing a 4.000 CZK deposit. The deposit amount will be deducted from the first monthly fee, in case if the child will not attend playschool, the deposit is non-refundable.

Monthly fees are non-refundable, in case of absence due to illness, lasting for more than 7 working days, we will provide a compensation in the form of a discount on monthly fee for the next month.

We are insured by the insurance company Allianz.


We enroll children throughout the year. You can bring and pick up your child from the playschool at any time convenient for you. Registration can be on the Internet, just fill out an application for admission and send it to our address info@babyboomskolka.cz . Application will be accepted on the same day and the next day it is already possible to bring your child to the playschool. Playschool is open all year, including the holidays .

We teach and speak with children in Czech language, but we can also comunicate in Russian or English, if needed.

Informace o školce

Babyboom školka

Krátkého 250/4
Praha 9 – Vysočany
190 00
+420 775 613 858

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